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MXGP Switzerland Rider Quotes | Latest

The riders thoughts on the MXGP of Switzerland.

Tony Cairoli – MXGP Winner
“It was a very good weekend and we are back on the 450 this weekend. We’re still testing these past weeks but I immediately felt very good with the bike. We won the qualifying and the first moto, and today I was in the lead in the second race. Tim (Gajser) and Romain (Febvre) were pushing very hard and also taking some risks in some places. I tried to stay with Tim but I was a bit tired from the first moto. I’m still adapting to the 450 and changing is not always easy, so I settled into third place. Then the last lap the track was very rough and the ruts were deep and they were not easy to get out of. The lapped rider crossed my line so I made a mistake and I crashed. It took a while before I could start again so Glenn and Bobryshev went past. I was disappointed then, because I wasn’t sure it I could still win the GP. It is good to go into the two-week break with a win and I’ll try to regroup for the sand in Assen. My goal is to win the remaining races and to finish as close as possible to the top. So let’s see how we finish the season.”

Tim Gajser – Second Overall MXGP
“In the first moto I took a good start and was right there with Cairoli and Paulin and preparing my pass for the lead, but then I closed the front in a rut and went down. It was hard without everyone coming past me so I had to wait for almost everyone to pass before I could pick the bike up again. Fortunately it was still running so I could get going easily, and then I was pushing really hard. It’s difficult to pass here because of the nature of the track and the long ruts. We could see that the speed was there, but I wasn’t happy with ninth.

“The second race was much better as I took the holeshot, but then went too much to the outside so Cairoli came past me. When I made the pass Toni was pushing me hard, and then Febvre was too, so we had some good racing. I’m really glad to be on the podium, especially after the mistake in the first race. Now there are three races left this season, and we still have a good lead. Honestly we don’t change anything because the best way to keep doing what we are is to continue as we have been all season, but yes we do start to think a little bit more about the championship now…!”

Romain Febvre – Third Overall MXGP
“The first moto was good, but I made a mistake and lost positions and lost my rhythym here on this track. In the second moto the start wasn’t as good, but I came back after the second lap and gave everything to try and win. Physically I was on the limit, so with two laps to go I didn’t want to make the same mistake. I’m really happy to be on the podium with this result.”

“Next we go for some testing in Italy all week, and then two weeks off to be prepared for the sand in Assen.”


Max Anstie – First Overall MX2
“It was an awesome GP and it felt really nice to get my second overall victory. During the last three weeks we’ve raced in three completely different tracks and to me that makes for a real world championship. We had a great battle with Jeremy in both motos here in Switzerland. In the opening moto I got the lead early on and managed to open a small gap for the win. In the second race it was just me and Jeremy battling it out all the way to the finish. He pushed extra hard in front of his home crowd, so it was great I ended up getting another moto win. Climbing to fourth in the series standings is also good. My plan is to take each of the remaining races separately to collect as many points as I can before the finish of the series.”

Jeremy Seewer – Second Overall MX2
“I didn’t expect the Swiss public to be that great: so many people, flags…it was amazing to ride here. I didn’t win, which would have been the small present to them and myself but I’m happy and I have three second places in a row now. I just need to find that last piece of the puzzle. Maybe I should have waited longer to take the lead in the second moto but I had some better lines in some places and could push but he [Anstie] came back and followed me strongly. It was a good race and I just missed that ‘little bit’ to be able to win. Now I’m just focussing on myself and that approach has been the same for the last three GPs when Jeffrey has not been riding. I am still trying to do the best I can and beat the riders that are on the track with me. It [the championship] was not on my mind this weekend and it won’t be for the next GP.”

Benoit Paturel – Third Overall MX2
“This is for my mom. I love you so much, and I’m proud to be here on the podium for you.”

Courtney Duncan – WMX Winner
“It was tough, the battles were sick this weekend. Honestly I’m not satisfied, but it’s a win, but I’ll take it for my first race back.”