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Many of you may not know but when Toby Price lined up for the 2024 Dakar Rally for the 10th time he officially became a Dakar Legend.

The 2024 Dakar saw Toby Price notch up his tenth Dakar start which automatically carries the Dakar Legend status. The 2016 and 2019 Dakar champion has endured an impressive decade in the world’s toughest race.

“I’ve notched up 10 Dakars now which is crazy to think back to 2015 which feels like it was only two or three years ago. Looking back at my stats I’ve had six podiums, a tenth, a fifth and two DNFs, I can’t really complain too much. Whether I hang my helmet up in a year, two or three years time, I just have to be happy with what I have. Rally racing is a tough life, when I look back at photos from 2015, I look like I have aged 20 years.”

Toby Price is a two-time winner of the famous race and is perhaps most likely to do well when he is considered far from in-form. Although aging in terms of a world-class dirt bike racer, Price was entering his 10th Dakar and as any wise onlooker would know, you can never count Toby Price out of the game.

Dakar is a race of attrition as much as a race of strategy. In recent years Toby Price has played it smart and kept his cool in the first half of the two-week race before laying down the hammer at crucial moments which has worked well for the Aussie legend. Price’s 2024 campaign appeared to be running on the same game-plan, however, things didn’t go quite as planned.