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ADB Ed Mitch Lees faced two months no weight bearing after a crash so he bought this Equipmed Knee Scooter. Here's how it held up.

Last month I broke my fibula and it required surgery. I’ve had plenty of surgery (both wrists, both knees and left clavicle) so I’m no stranger to recovery from an injury but nothing prepared me for what I was about to hear. When I asked the doc how long until I could get back on a bike, he laughed and said “Mate you’ve got two months no weight bearing on that leg before you even think about walking normally again!” That’s when I started looking for the Equipmed Knee Scooter.

The last two months have been a royal pain in the butt. The pain from surgery subsided after a couple weeks then it was just annoying having to hop around everywhere. All my other injuries haven’t impacted my mobility. Even after the knee reconstructions I was up and moving within days on the leg and hobbling around a few weeks later.

After seeing so many motocross riders, including Chad Reed, use a knee scooter for similar injuries I decided to buy the Equipmed Knee Scooter and it’s been awesome.


Price I only needed the knee scooter for two months so I bought the cheapest I could find online and it was $159.95. That was cheaper than renting one!

Postage Delivery was free and it arrived within days of ordering.

Freedom The scooter not only gave me the freedom of getting around with my kids for long periods of time but also allowed me to carry things like cups of water from the kitchen to the couch. Imagine doing that with crutches!

Features It’s got two cable brakes, a height adjustable padded knee and the wheels roll well. It has a decent set of plastic handlebars and a steel frame.


Quality I bought this scooter to last two months and it did but it’s getting a bit squeaky and there’s some play in the joins now. Plus the padding in the knee has become weak and it ripped.


In case you can’t tell, this is a piss take! Yes, I bought the knee scooter and it has been awesome for my mobility, especially with two little kids but I’m aware it’s not a dirtbike product. That being said, plenty of dirtbike riders have used them and for $160, it has been worth the price of my freedom! If you ever find yourself with a broken foot or ankle and need a knee scooter for a few months, get one of these!

Mitch Lees