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ADB's Tech Editor Mat Boyd was keen for more braking power on the 2024 Yamaha YZ450F so he got some Goodridge Brake Lines.

Braided brake lines eliminate the spongy feel under harsh braking and give better braking efficiency as well as providing resistance to damage. Goodridge stainless steel brake and clutch lines feature the highest quality hose consisting of a PTFE inner and a stainless steel braided outer coated in a plastic protective coating in a colour of your choice to fit any make and model bike. Goodridge brake lines also meet the ADR standards and are DOT and TUV approved meaning they are approved to be used in every state and territory around the world. I’ve bolted some up to my Yamaha YZ450F Long termer and have absolutely loved them.


FITMENT – Fitting aftermarket brake lines can be a pain. The bends in the fittings are usually wrong or the shape of the brake lines are off as they can often be universal. Goodridge brake lines are made specifically for each make and model and fit up just as easily as the standard brake lines.

LOOKS – Goodridge brake lines are made for any make and model in whatever colour you wish so not only do they increase the braking performance but they can also improve the look of your bike.

STRENGTH – These brake lines come with the option for either zinc coated fittings or black stainless. We went with the stainless for added strength. Often with zinc fittings any bump on a tree or a whack on the ground can cause the fittings to split but stainless is much stronger and more durable.

PERFORMANCE – Increasing rear brake performance is hard to judge due to less of feel through your boot but the front brake is much more sensitive. What we noticed with the front brake is that the lever was harder with no sponge in the lever at all. It felt like a more direct connection to the brake pads than the standard brake line. I like the confidence it gives me to have a sensitive but accurate feeling on my front brake so it was a win for me.


BLEEDING – This one is tough because there really isn’t anything negative I can come up with about these brake lines. While bolting these brake lines up is an easy task, if you aren’t up to bleeding brake lines then I would suggest you take the cautious route and have a professional do it. Getting it wrong can damage or destroy the brake lines or your motorcycle or even worse you could be severely injured if the brakes fail due to incorrect fitment.


Goodridge brake lines are top quality Australian made brake lines. They are DOT and TUV approved meaning they are legal to use in every state and territory. Goodridge can even customise brake lines making them to any length with any fittings you need in whatever colour. This is great for any custom builds or any restoration jobs where just buying a brake line from a catalogue isn’t possible. If you have a spongey brake that you don’t like or even if you just want your bike to look cooler then I would suggest Goodridge brake lines.



RRP: Zinc Fittings (front) $125 (rear) $115

Stainless Fittings (front) $145 (rear) $125


John Stamnas –

07 5447 7411