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A table might seem like a weird thing to test in ADB but it's something we all use at the track so we grabbed a Oztent Bi-Fold Table to hold our tools, helmet and lunch.

Whether you’re stopping for lunch or working on your bike, a table is good thing to have when you’re at the track. You can rest tools on it or eat your lunch off it. You pretty much can’t go to the track without a table. We used to use a small trestle table from Bunnings but it was too bulky to carry in the back of the ute so we grabbed aOztent Bi-Fold Table.

We’ve been using the Oztent Bi-Fold Table when out camping and riding over the summer in the rest of our Oztent camping gear and it is performing just as well as the tents.  Oztent Bi-Fold Table is made from a steel construction so they’re a little bit stronger than aluminium and utilise a bi-folding mechanism so it packs down small, about the size of a ‘90s briefcase.

But the best part is, despite its pack-down size and light weight, we can still load 50kg on the Oztent Bi-Fold Table. That means I can plonk my Ballards tool bag on it which weighs about 20kg. Plus I can have my notepad for recording my changes I make to my bike and even water and my lunch.

We will keep opening and closing this little unit for the next year and see if all the hinges and lightweight legs stay in one piece.





Mitch Lees