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This might surprise you but ADB Ed Mitch runs a Qualdlock handlebar mount and vibration dampener on his dirtbike. See how it's going.

I’ve been running a Quad Lock device on my dirtbikes now for well over five years and I’ve never had any dramas. I run one because I’m often riding mid-week and as it’s usually for work, I need to be as contactable as possible. Plus, it makes it easier to whip the phone out for some awesome social media content when riding with my mates.  The mount I have this time round is all black and the material is metal. The last mount that I tested had some plastic on it.


NO VIBRATIONS The Vibration Dampener is designed to stop the camera on the phone from wigging-out from all the bumps and my phone camera is still perfect.

TIGHT HOLD The phone is held in really snug and even though I bump it with my hand or against a tree it only comes out of the mount if I cartwheel. (The efforts we go to for you readers).

STURDY Despite smashing it in crashes and trying to mount my phone when it’s full of dirt and sand, nothing has worn or broken. The bracket and rubber seals are fine.

PIVOTS Being able to simply loosen the screws to pivot my phone around is great. And when I nip all the bolts up tight, none come undone.

CASE AND POINT The case the Quad Lock comes with is incredibly tough. It has protected my phone well, isn’t peeling or augmented and the best part about the new cases is the back is flat or plush with the rest of the case so it’s not raised like the old one.


LINING UP Sometimes, lining the teeth up to slot the phone case in can be tricky and I have to look under the mount to make them work.

BOLTS I lost the bolt holding the bracket to the bike and it’s an awkward M5 size which was hard to find a replacement for.


This Quad Lock mount and vibration dampener has been flawless and the new phone case and better metal material is a big improvement over the last one I had. You can also customise your mount with different colours which is pretty cool. Once your sub-conscious works out where the teeth on the mount line up with the receiver on the phone case it’s a piece of piss putting it on and getting it off with the simple press tab. It should only take one second!

So far so good. I ran the medium thickness rubber insert on my Sherco 300 SE Factory handlebar and it was nice and snug. For 2023 you can also get a coloured lever on your Handlebar Mount, you can choose from red, white, blue or black. I’m keen to see how well this slightly updated model lasts and I’d also like to see Jett run one on his supercross bike!



$59.95 Handlebar Mount

$24.95 Vibration Dampener



1800 431 545