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READER’S RIDE: 2018 KTM 1290 ‘Super Enduro’ | Reader's Ride

Brett wanted a 1290cc KTM Super Enduro but KTM doesn't build one, so he made it himself.

I like my Super Enduro 950 and KTM wouldn’t build a 1290cc one. I thought I’d do it if they weren’t going to. The Super Duke was the closest thing to a 950 SE as a starting point. The Adventure R is an adventure bike, it’s fat and heavy. I liked the styling of the Duke.

How long’s a piece of string? Where do I start? The project started as a brand new 2018 white Super Duke R. The tank and shrouds were sent straight to a paint shop to have them sprayed orange and black. I had the rest of the bike delivered and I stripped it the next day to the bare frame, electrics and engine, with only 5km on the clock. I replaced the suspension, put the Adventure swingarm on it, the Italian Kineo tubeless, CNC-machined wheels and there is heaps more. I just went to town with it. I don’t work anymore because I broke my back, so I just plod around building stuff and ride when I can. The build took me about three months.

There was a lot of sourcing parts. There is a lot of bits and pieces that I don’t want to reveal. If people want one, I’ll build them one, but I don’t want to give away my secrets.

It runs pretty awesome. It’s going to chew through tyres pretty quickly. If you’ve been on a Super Duke, it’s like that on dirt. I bypassed all the ABS and that rubbish. I grew up racing 500cc motocross bikes. I didn’t need that shit then and I don’t need it now, really. I’ve got an Open Flash ECU from a guy in the UK and it has dyno’d at 180hp. A lot of people ask me if it feels heavy and it doesn’t really. It feels a lot like the 950 Super Enduro. People always think that it must be too big, but it’s no different to sitting on an XR600 with a bigger tank on it. I use it mainly for open dirt-road stuff. It’s not really built for the tight stuff and jumps.

Go for it. It’s definitely worth it. I’m sure they’ll be pretty happy. It’s just like a big Super Enduro. If you want heaps more horsepower, that’s the ticket.

1 He thinks there are only two bikes like this. The other one was built by Jiri Heinik in Europe for Erzberg.
2 Brett broke his back in a workplace accident. He had ridden road bikes, but his back couldn’t handle roadbike ergos anymore, so he returned to riding off-road exclusively.
3 He has never had a car licence and has ridden bikes all his life.
4 His second cousin was the late Andy Caldecott.
5 The Honda XR600 he owned is one of his favourite bikes.

WHAT 2018 KTM 1290 ‘Super Enduro’
WHO Brett Goodenough
WHERE FROM New Super Duke 1290 as the donor bike from Kessner KTM
HOW MUCH  Estimate build cost $50,000