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Tyler Bereman and Patrick Evans earn three category wins at the world's largest manmade freeride motocross course, Red Bull Imagination.

The one-of-its-kind Red Bull Imagination course was almost entirely rebuilt for 2023 with Tyler Bereman and Patrick Evans earning themselves three category wins on the day over the world’s largest manmade freeride motocross course. Here is all you need to know:

– The freeride motocross event dreamt up by Bereman returned to Fort Scott, Kansas on September 30 with the top global freeriders carving out some of their biggest lines, tricks and whips on a custom-built, life-sized ‘playground’ course not found anywhere else on earth.

– Out of 120 jumps in 2022, only the beloved “Tree Jump” (a blind jump over a copse of trees) remained with the course strategically condensed to provide greater opportunities for more creative lines.

– Team Maddo was Bereman, Evans, Kohl Denney, Tom Parsons and Brian McCarty while Team Twitch saw Vicki Golden, Josh Hill, Julien Vanstippen, Guillem Navas Petit and Christian Dresser suit up.

– Rather than riders competing individually, captains Robbie Maddison and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg led a new two-team competition format with three days of “expression sessions” carrying the week of freeriding that culminated in a single-day competition through five categories.

– Under blue skies, temperatures in the high 80s and moderate winds, the course came to life in front of a panel of judges including Ronnie Faisst, Steve Haughelstine and Jimmy Hill who handed Team Maddo the win as Bereman and Evans earned themselves three category wins on the day.

– Golden opened the competition with an impressive Creative Line energy that matched her performance, featuring big whips and a Superman seat grab over the tree jump that saw her take the victory.

– The Speed and Style event made for spirited viewing as Evans began his run with a central feature backflip and he skillfully approached the course thereafter with finesse and unexpected tricks to triumph.

– The Big Dawg section is notorious for its intimidation and jumps stretching more than 180 feet as Bereman hit a huge jump in the centre of the course for the first time – sending it over the Fasthouse rooftop and into the back of the course flying at more than 185 feet – to win.

– The Best Whip category was run like a knockout with six riders being whittled down to a final two as Evans won while Parsons, Bereman, Navas, Vanstippen and Dresser also wowed the judges with style.

– The Team Jam saw Team Twitch execute the Team Jam line as close to synchronised swimming as you can get on a dirt bike to win while Team Maddo approached lines and jumps from all different angles.

– Bereman, 32, said: “With this Team format and these freeride categories, everyone could bring their strengths to the table for their respective team and try to beat the other team for bragging rights. Everyone stepped up to the plate to bring their skills for an epic day of riding.”

Team Maddo and category riders
– Creative Line: 2022 Red Bull Imagination rider Kohl Denney
– Speed and Style, Best Whip: X Games Best Whip and Quarterpipe competitor Patrick Evans
– Big Dawg, Best Whip: Leading freeride motocross rider and 13-time X Games medalist Tyler Bereman
– Best Whip: Seven-time X Games medalist Tom Parsons
– Team Jam: ALL riders
– Brian ‘McGnarls’ McCarty was drafted, but sustained an injury on Thursday that sidelined him.

Team Twitch and category riders
– Creative Line: Four-time Red Bull Imagination rider Vicki Golden
– Speed and Style: Two-time X Games medalist and AMA Supercross winner Josh Hill
– Big Dawg, Best Whip: Third-place finisher from 2022 Red Bull Imagination Julien Vanstippen
– Best Whip: X Games medalist and Spain’s leading freerider Guillem Navas Petit
– Best Whip: 2022 Hill Jam ‘Best Whip’ winner Christian Dresser
– Team Jam: ALL riders