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Redmond has the Solution | The Redmond Files

Like most social riders/racers I like to buy the best gear I can afford, which normally has me shopping one shelf below the middle.

Riding with guys my age (I’m 43) one glaring problem seems to affect us all. Plumbers crack. Riding gear is fashioned and designed on 20 year olds that are yet to develop an ‘extended sump’, a ‘beer gut’, a ‘big motor’, ‘unit’ or just a gut. So for us older rounder guys riding pants seem to be teflon coated and head south during a ride.

It is very inconvenient and awkward when pinning throttle and banging clutch to suddenly feel ya arse to the wind.

Even worse is when I am chasing a mate through bush (re: wobbling around bush slowly) and his pants drop. It makes me seriously consider ghosting the bike into a gum tree and pulling my eye balls out and rolling them around in dust to un-see his crack.

But never fear! I solved it. It’s my best invention since Mars bar hot dogs. Ok, maybe I never invented them but they are a cracking bit of riding kit that I have never seen reviewed. Braces! Worn under jersey. No more plumbers crack and my underwear stays drier than a Nullarbor rabbit. Under $20. Tick in every box?