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Redmond Responds to Dungey vs Reed Controversy | The Redmond Files

ADB's social commentator, Redmond, has offered his opinion on the Chad Reed vs Ryan Dungey blue flag controversy.

Stuff you Ryan. If you want to overtake our boy just ride faster than him.

Chad hails from the Hunter Valley and them boys do not quit or yield. You can hold a red, blue or even white flag in front of these lads and it’ll make no difference.

It’s war! The very basis of motorsport is to overtake the guys slower than you. Stuff Ryan and stuff Roger, I’ll fight both them sooks tomorrow for a dollar if they wanna bellyache at our man.

Oi Chad, we got nothing but love for you Brother, every week when you finish in front of all the young factory guns we take that as a victory. Keep it wide open.