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Redmond’s Open Letter To Ronnie Mac | Latest

Open letter to Ronnie Mac 69.

Oi you little showboat, Redmond here from ADB Mag. Downunder baby! We have noticed you like a beer… kinda.

Well how about we set up a start gate and get ya freak on, I could scare 800 during a cold beer start gate event. Redmond v RM69 in a beer race but none of that yankie doodle lolly water. Just VB or XXXX bitter.

Also, I have to say your burn outs may pass in the United States but down here we have Kangaroos that can smoke tires better than you. My didgeridoo does better smokys than that beat up CR250 you pound on.

I may be wrong but we got our man CR22 swinging in our corner. If you ladies from Oklahoma got anything faster than our boy Chad then set it up! If you got any beer wizards that can smoke tires better then me… set it up !
Ronnie, you could just smile…. and give me a Vegemite sandwich.