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Redmond’s Rant: FIVE GRAND RACER | The Redmond Files

Question: What is faster than a GTHO, VK Group A HDT or a CV8 Monaro?

It costs $5000 to buy and $350 a year to register, a tank of fuel is $15 and an oil change costs ya $80. It cost less to buy than a 400hp Chev crate motor.

Answer. A 2011 KTM 530EXC with a worn 185-hour engine. I wore my finest Toecutter helmet and marked out a 400-metre straight. We took out my 2011 VE 6.0 litre to do a bit of Chicago shooting. The EXC spanked the stock SS every time.

On five solo timed runs, the EXC returned an average e/t of 13.8sec! On the way out to the track I tapped the poor thing to 171km/h. It is a $5k machine you could take it to local dragstrip and play with gearing and suspension settings and crack a 13.0 I reckon. Bolt on a set of swingarm extenders, a long chain and some street tyres. I think you could have lots of fun.