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REVIEW: Fox Vue Goggles | News

A decent view is essential for riding dirtbikes, but an excellent Vue is even better. And that’s what you get with Fox Vue goggles.

High-end goggles are all starting to look the same. Pre-curved, tough lenses that are easy to replace are expected in goggles that cost more than a few pineapples. So what’s the difference between, say, the Fox Vue and the Oakley Airbrake? Mainly the price, but that doesn’t make the Fox Vue any less commendable.

TOUGH LENSE The pre-curved lense is made from polycarbonate and has an anti-fog treatment. It’s as hard as the lense in your sunglasses but not as rigid as glass. The benefit of this structure is that it won’t get white creases when bent. When rocks hit it they just bounce off and being pre-curved means it doesn’t distort your peripheral vision around the edges.
BIG EYES The eye port is larger than most conventional goggles, giving you a wider field of view. This helps you to spot debris on the trail or track out of the corner of your eye.
COMFORT Unlike some goggles, the Fox Vue does not squeeze my honker. The face foam is soft and it’s contoured perfectly to my face, letting minimal cold air in to dry out my eyes.

FOGGING While riding in moist conditions the inside of the goggle fogs up just a little. As soon as I get going again it clears but it does require me to remove them when stopped.
COLOUR White and dirtbikes do not go well. This colour is probably better suited to indoor supercross, where the mud is minimal.
PRICE One hundred and fifty-nine dollars is a lot of cash for goggles but, at least, the lense will outlast any conventional goggle and the rest is pretty durable too.

The Fox Vue goggle was developed with the help of Ken Roczen, so it’s no surprise that this product is built and priced with elite athletes in mind. It’s incredibly comfortable, has no scratches on the lense despite me losing the soft case on the first ride and is easy to change lenses on. The shelf life of the tough lense makes it an affordable option as you can get four or five times the lense life than you would with regular goggles. Mitch Lees

BILL $159
BLOWER (03) 8327 8899