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NEW PRODUCT: Scott MX550 Helmet | News

Ficeda Accessories and Scott Motosports are extremely proud to introduce the Scott MX550 Helmet to Australian riders.

It is not every day that SCOTT develops a new motocross helmet. One thing was sure when bringing the MX550 to life: SCOTT was not going to compromise. Based on its three core competencies innovation, technology and design and shaped by years of experience, this is the safest and most ventilated motocross helmet SCOTT has ever created. Exceptional comes as a standard.

SCOTT helmets: “Get your Head in the Game.”
“Get your Head in the Game for us means that you can wear our helmet and the helmet pretty much disappears on your head. You can focus 100% on racing, 100% on winning knowing that you are protected and that you have the best equipment in the world.”

Scott Helmet

Safety as Priority

At SCOTT our mission is to protect your head. We see it as our key goal of who we are and the helmets that we produce. During a crush, riders normally experience two types of impacts: Radial impacts which go straight into the head and angular impacts which cause rotational violence passed to the brain. With the MX550 we wanted to address both types of impacts, that is why we use Conehead and MIPS technology.

The MX550 was designed to provide maximum airflow thanks to its unique construction with a huge air opening at the front, massive ventilation channels throughout the helmet and numerous strategically placed vents.
SCOTT benchmarked the MX550 ventilation in a wind tunnel scenario against key competitors. The MX550 performed well and is one of the best ventilated motocross helmet on the market.

Sizes: XS (54) – XXL (64)
Colours: Hatch: White, Black/Orange WoodBlock: Gray/Yellow, Gray/Blue Camo: Black/Yellow
PRICE: $299.95 RRP
Available in December from all good motorcycle stores or head to the SCOTT MX550 page for more specific product information.
Providing quality MX equipment since 1970, SCOTT Sports is a brand steeped in authenticity, providing products tailored for riders who strive to be their best for the love of the sport, whether there’s anyone watching or not.

Scott Helmet