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Skidbike Nominated For Award | Latest

This crazy contraption, the SKIDBIKE has been nominated for the 2016 edition of the FIM Road Safety Award.

It essentially makes it near-impossible for a rider to drop the motorcycle while they learn the basics of clutch, throttle and brake control.

A trainer can fix the bike to stay upright whilst you learn to operate the gears, the clutch and the brakes. They claim this speeds up the learning process for the basics and there is a lower risk of slow speed falls and damage to the bike and rider.

Once you get going your trainer can adjust the lean angle.

The amount of grip with both front and rear tyres can be adjusted too – to simulate wet and icy road surfaces. The tyres can also be left with full contact and the student can practice the feel of emergency braking…..and if control is lost, the wings prevent a fall.

See it in action.