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Stark Future have released a statement explaining their reasons why they want to race against 450s at MXGP.

Following numerous questions, comments, and opinions, Stark Future would have offered its take on the recent Press Conference held at VILLA LA ANGOSTURA (Argentina) on 8th March 2024, during the first MXGP event of the season.
Here’s what they had to say:
Stark Future, a prominent innovator in motocross, firmly opposes MXGP/ Infront’s proposal to introduce a separate Electric Support Class alongside MXGP events. While recognizing the goal of driving technological advancements, Stark Future believes that segregation is not the solution. Instead, seeing integration as an opportunity for all sides to thrive. By embracing new technologies at the highest level of racing, Stark Future envisions making racing more captivating for fans while fostering the strongest technological improvements across the board.

“As CEO and Founder of Stark Future, I firmly believe that segregating electric bikes into a separate class undermines the essence of true competition in motocross. Our mission is to break barriers and showcase the potential of electric technology on equal footing with internal combustion engines, Motocross thrives on innovation and pushing boundaries, and segregation only hinders our collective progress towards a more inclusive and dynamic sport. World Trials have done a great job on including Electric with combustion and have shown that when the platform is competitive it has it´s place amongst combustion counterparts”

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of motocross performance and innovation, Stark Future firmly believes in true competition and integration, where the fastest machines go head-to-head, driving innovation and pushing the sport to new heights. The vision of Stark Future is to build the fastest motocross bike in the world and demonstrate that Electric is not a compromise but a formidable contender.

Stark Future understands The creation of a separate class for electric bikes, as proposed by MXGP, compromises the essence of competition and risks stifling progress. Instead of fostering innovation, this approach fragments the championship and dilutes the level of competition. Stark Future advocates for the integration of electric bikes into the existing MXGP grid framework, which would promote innovation and benefit the broader motocross community while offering better viewing figures for MXGP programs.

Stark Future recognizes the importance of innovation in the future of motocross. Integrating electric bikes into MXGP would revitalize innovation within the sport and address challenges such as noise pollution, maintenance costs, and accessibility.

In conclusion, Stark Future urges MXGP/ Infront to reconsider the proposal for a separate Electric Support Class and explore avenues to seamlessly integrate Electric bikes into MXGP and MX2 grids. Stark Future is ready to embrace this challenge, and invites industry stakeholders to join in promoting innovation and ensuring that motocross continues to thrive for generations to come.