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Stark FUTURE picks up another award this time for the Stark VARG App in the app category of the ADG-FAD Laus Awards 2024.

Stark Future announced that its revolutionary Stark VARG smartphone app has clinched the Bronze Laus in the app category at the illustrious ADG-FAD Laus Awards 2024. This honour spotlights the app’s outstanding design quality and its transformative impact on the user experience within the motocross industry.

Since its inception in 1964, the ADG-FAD Laus Awards have been a beacon of recognition for excellence in graphic design and visual communication. Organized by the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers (ADG-FAD), the Laus Awards celebrate the intersection of creativity, innovation, and the significant influence of design across cultural and economic landscapes. The annual gala, hosted in Barcelona, brings together top professionals to honor extraordinary achievements in various design domains, including corporate identity, advertising, digital, and audiovisual design.

Founded in 2020, Stark Future aims to revolutionize the motorcycle industry through innovation and sustainability. The Stark VARG motocrosser, a testament to this mission, is complemented by its state-of-the-art smartphone app, designed to elevate the rider’s experience with advanced customization and seamless integration.

Key Features of the Stark VARG App:

– User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for effortless navigation and accessibility.
– Customization: Enables riders to adjust bike settings, including powertrain configurations, to suit their riding style and preferences.
– Real-Time Data: Provides real-time performance data and diagnostics, enhancing the riding experience.
– Connectivity: Seamlessly connects with the Stark VARG bike, ensuring optimal performance and user control.
– Sustainability: Promotes eco-friendly riding by optimizing battery usage and reducing environmental impact.

Recognition at the ADG-FAD Laus Awards

Securing the Bronze Laus Award in the app category underscores Stark Future’s unwavering commitment to design excellence and innovation. The VARG app was assessed on criteria that included conceptual quality, creativity, and sustainability, affirming its pivotal role in enhancing user experience and advocating for sustainable practices in the motocross industry.

Anton Wass, CEO and Co-founder of Stark Future, expressed his elation:

“We are immensely proud to receive the Bronze Laus Award for the Stark VARG app. This recognition reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and technology to create unparalleled experiences for our users. The VARG app is a key component of our vision for the future of motocross, combining innovation, sustainability, and exceptional design.”