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I was keen to see what a Strike Seats Gripper cover would do for my riding. I went with the pleated option on the advice of ADB Tech Editor Mat Boyd and I’m glad I did.

There was nothing wrong with the stock Gas Gas EC300 seatcover, it was exactly what you’d expect from a stock cover but there’s always room for improvement! The Strike Seats covers are made from a thick, grippy material and, going with the pleated option, we ended up with some serious retardation for our posterior.


GRIP The combination of the grippy material and pleats make the seatcover miles better than the stocker. You stay more planted up hills and under hard acceleration without needing to hold on as hard with your legs or hands.
LOOKS This is subjective but we think the seatcover improves the overall look of the Gas Gas EC300. The coloured pleats and ADB logo set it off.
PRE-SHAPED Lesser seatcovers are just a flat piece of gripper material you have to shape yourself. The Strikes Seats cover is pre-shaped, making it much easier to achieve a wrinkle-free finish.
TOUGH The cover is made from a super tough material which is double-stitched to ensure it doesn’t fall apart. After a few months of abuse on the Gasser it still looks almost new.


TIGHT FIT When I first tried to install the cover I thought it was the wrong size. I had to use so much force to stretch it over both ends of the seat and once it was in place it put a big curve in the seat. However, once I reinstalled the perch on the bike it pulled the seat back into shape. The cover needs to be that tight to get a smooth finish.
EXCESS MATERIAL Leaving more material on the seatcover would make installation easier. There were a few sections where there almost wasn’t enough vinyl to get staples in. A bit of extra material would make stapling easier, then you would just run a blade around the edge to trim the leftovers.


Gripper seatcovers are under-appreciated in the trailriding world. Motocross and enduro riders have been using them forever but you see more trailriders with Rockstar graphics kits than a seatcover with one ounce of grip. It should be the other way around because a gripper cover goes a long way to improving your riding and reducing fatigue. With the Strike Seats Gripper Pleated cover you don’t have to hold on nearly as tightly. The cover is designed to hold you in a better position while using less energy, it’s a win-win. Olly Malone

BILL $95
BLOWER 1300 454 193