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Suzuki announces 2019 rider contingency program | News

Suzuki Australia has revealed its 2019 Suzuki Support Rider (SSR) Contingency program for Suzuki riders in national and state championships.

Registration to the SSR Contingency program is free, riders can register multiple machines in different capacity classes.

Riders who compete on current generation Suzuki motorcycles are eligible to register as for SSR. The rider must register with Suzuki, only one rider can register per VIN.

Suzuki will send each rider an acceptance letter, which includes a SSR Registration Number. One number will be issued per rider, even if the rider competes on more than one machine or in multiple capacity classes. This Registration Number will be used in all claims for contingency or other correspondence with Suzuki.

Only the nominated Motorcycling Australia sanctioned events will be eligible for contingency. Suzuki Support Riders registered for claiming contingency must use the Claim Form attached. Results will be verified by Suzuki against official M.A. results.

Contingency payments will only be made to riders who satisfy the following criteria:

1. Compete on current generation RM-Z250 or RM-Z450.

2. Registered for SSR and have received acceptance including their Registration Number from Suzuki Australia.

3. Lodge a claim form within 7 days of the event to Suzuki Australia including their race support number. Suzuki will verify through official race M.A results

For further information on the 2019 SSR Contingency Program, interested customers should visit