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Taking straight ruts How to (pro) | Back End | How To

Most motocross tracks have ruts in the turns, but the toughest tracks even get ruts in the straights or leading into a jump like the step up at Mt Kembla motocross track.

How to: straight ruts

Taking on straight ruts takes confidence and the only way to get that confidence is by practicing the correct technique.

1. Plan ahead


When taking on straight ruts you need to prepare early and pick the rut you want to use way before you even get to it. If the section follows a corner look towards the rut you want as you exit the corner.

2. Stand still


As you approach the rut, stand on your toes keeping your heels high and away from the ground. Stand with your body weight centered, gripping the bike tight with your ankles and knees keeping your head over the crossbar pad and elbows up high.

3. Look ahead


While you’re locked into the rut it is important that you look towards the end of the rut, not straight down at your front wheel. It’ll make it a lot easier to ride the full length of the rut because where you look is where you go and by looking ahead it gives you better balance.

4. On the power


Keep the power on the whole way through the rut and don’t back off. It is easier to maintain your balance if power is going to the back wheel; shutting off the throttle will cause you to lose momentum and balance.

5. Move on


As you start to exit the rut you can slide your feet forward on the ‘pegs and go back to standing in the centre of your footpeg. Get your body position correct and be ready for the jump.


• Keep the throttle on through the rut
• Look towards the end of the rut
• Stand on your toes during the approach
• Look ahead and prepare early
• Keep your body weight centered


• Try to change ruts halfway through
• Back off the throttle
• Sit down on the seat
• Grab the brakes


Keep your toes pointing up as you ride through to make sure they don’t catch on the walls of the rut.