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Raceline Husqvarna TDUB Racing brings F1 style pizazz to motocross with the launch of their new team for 2024.

If you’re a die-hard Formula 1 fan, you’ll know that there comes a time at the start of each year when the teams release their launch dates and unveil their cars, it’s expected and you looked forward to with anticipation.  This was the vision for the 2024 Raceline Husqvarna Tdub Racing Team launch and it worked, the invites were sent, the excitement built, and on Wednesday 21st February we all piled into Mo’s Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh Heads for the unveiling.

At the end of 2023, Michael Willams approached Todd Waters with a concept, and bouncing ideas off of each other is nothing new, but Mick, Todd, and Jason Waters were thinking outside of the box as they developed their vision.  The team launch would bring something new to the industry by uniting sponsors, family, and the media for the exclusive event, as is the norm in F1.

The stage was set, and three bikes were upon it, but covered up as we entered the space.  A countdown to the team introduction video fostered some excitement, because this is what we came for, the live screening, the bike reveal, and to hear the riders’ thoughts first hand.  With last year’s video as the foundation, the 2024 team introduction knocked it out of the park, it built hype, showed passion, and you could feel the hunger the riders have to perform this season.

This year the team has a new look, they’ve formed a solid group of mechanics and technicians around the riders, and they’re confident in their package.  Todd Waters leads the way in MX1 on the 2024 FC450, joined by Rhys Budd and Jack Mather racing MX2 aboard the 2024 FC250. Budd is a new addition to the team with high expectations of title contention, and Mather shows great potential coming into his rookie season in MX2.

Their second year running the team is building upon the solid platform they had last season.  The mechanics put in hours of hard work to prepare their 2024 race machines, and that work paid off as the covers were lifted to reveal the bikes.

The night wouldn’t be complete without speaking to the riders who were now standing with their bikes uncovered on the stage. Reflecting on a successful offseason Todd looks forward to the year ahead. “We’re doing some preseason races, and we’re committed to all the Queensland titles, and Sunny State championships. We’re trying to build a strong-knit team, a close group of people, great individuals that can work together and be comfortable with each other and hopefully win races.”

A consistent theme throughout the night Todd states, “I’m definitely feeling confident heading into this new season.”

Rhys spoke on his smooth transition into the new team, “The first day I rode it, I said to Todd, I could go and win on this tomorrow if I needed to you know, so yeah, I was super happy with how it felt straight away, and I’ve just been getting better and better.”

Following a few preseason wins on the bike he’s feeling positive as we head into the first round of the Sunshine State MX Series, “we’ve had a few pre-season races so far, and I have had a couple wins, so I’m feeling really good on that FC250.”

Jack also expresses his anticipation for the season aboard their new bike, “I’m super pumped, we’ve got a really good package with the boys this year, we’ve worked hard, and I’m really looking forward to it.”  He commented on his rookie season in MX2 and what you can expect to see from him, “I’m like every other guy, I want to go out there and perform, and I want to win, but I’m just looking to learn each race, and yeah, I’m looking forward to working with the boys even more, and keep getting better.”

The event was a great success, thanks to the crew at Raceline Husqvarna and everyone else who played their part in bringing the team launch to life, we hope to see the concept grow within our industry in the years to come.  We’re looking forward to the year ahead for the boys at Raceline Husqvarna Tdub Racing, and from what we’ve seen so far this off-season we’re certain they’re ready to perform in 2024.