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We asked USWE how it all started and what makes their hydration packs stand out from the crowd. They have an interesting story rooted in dirtbikes.

The team behind USWE grew up riding off-road motorcycles on the Swedish country side, searching for the adrenaline rush in deep mudholes and at big climbs. “We stuffed our backpacks with enough food, water and gear to keep us and our bikes running day and night. The packs were really uncomfortable and bounced around our sore backs like dancing monkey’s or God knows what. We hated it!” the development team at USWE said.

“Our frustration led us to buy an old Husqvarna sewing machine in 2007 for a couple of bucks so we could start working on our own backpack prototype. Did we know how to sew? Hell no. Did we enjoy it? Hell yes. And USWE was born”.

Today they are a global brand designing bounce free action backpacks for athletes and weekend warriors, who rather spend two hours trekking through cold mud than 10 minutes in a shopping mall.


“Our action packs use our award winning four-point suspension design” USWE told us. “They are made to be 100% bounce free from which the “No Dancing Monkey” technology was born. We engineer our suspension chassis and craft our pack designs based on our own experience and knowledge”.

“All packs are developed together with our key athletes and ambassadors, which set the pace of our high-end standard of products. The unique shape and suspension allow you to snug the packs really tight to the body without affecting your breathing capacity or body movement.


Since the dawn of the traditional backpack, people all over the world have experienced the same uncomfortable sensation. Like there is a wild monkey pogo dancing inside the backpack. A monkey that makes the pack bounce up and down and swing from side to side. For decades, the industry has tried to stop the monkeys but with very limited success. Of course, we are not talking about real life monkeys. But USWE think it’s the perfect way to explain the difference between a USWE pack and the traditional backpacks. That ́s why they have named their patented harness technology to No Dancing Monkey™.


“Our NDM technology is developed for action and performance sports. The technology works for both men and women in different sizes, but you need to add the action to feel the difference. The 4-point adjustment straps are there for you. It makes you adjust the perfect fit for your body. Its easy to do and it works 100%.

“A backpack, like a glove, is worn and not carried. It is not a one size fits all kind of thing. It must be fitted to your body to give the ultimate performance. We set our own standards, based on our own real life – mud crawling testing and the input that we get from our awesome athletes. All this together, makes it possible for us to push our product development harder and more dedicated than any other brand” USWE said.