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The Wheel Bearing Conspiracy | The Redmond Files

No one despises wheel bearing maintenance more than Redmond.

Ph 1300 224 636 Beyond Blue if you’re changing wheel bearings today because surely you must be feelings the blackdog of EXP grease and flogged fingers?

I am changing my wheel bearing on my EXC and I feel like burning down parliament house in protest.

God damn wheel bearing suppliers got this neat little kit with all the parts, It’s like they knew the things would fail? Death to them all, may they suffer Dante’s seventh level of heat – I would love to live in a world void of wheel bearing failure. A world where John Mayer and Neil Young could sing about extended wheel bearing service intervals and the executive management of the Untied Nations could sleep as sound as a $1000 junky in Thailand knowing a angry Queensland Ranga is not suffering from elevated hair temperature while flogging recalcitrant wheel bearings into their spiritual homeland.

All I want is a pastrami on rye with English mustard and a good side boob shot of Jen Hawkens, but alas it is my lot to be be playing sticky finger with a radial load wheel bearing kit. Why lord do you mock me?