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Toby Price suffering back pain in Sealine Rally finishes third in Stage 2 | News

Toby Price finishes third in Stage 2 the Sealine Cross Country Rally in Qatar.

KTM’s Toby Price has pushed through two tough days of racing at the Sealine Cross Country Rally in Qatar after falling victim to navigational problems and back pain.

Through social media Pricey told his fans about the issues he had faced during Stage 2. He wrote:

“Not a bad day till the end where I got lost.. So mixed it up a little. As for my problems yesterday I had at CT scan and had it checked out today and have slipped a disc in my back and touched my nerves on the left side so been having a sore lower back and weak left leg… Unsure if I’ll start tomorrow… Hate missing races and quitting, but if I miss one I’ll have plenty more to do, keep going and may miss a lot more… Will decide in the morning… Sorry to disappoint.”

It is not yet clear if Pricey will continue but we will keep you up-to-date as news comes in.