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Wheel tap uphill: How to (Pro) | Back End | How To

Wheel tapping isn’t something you would think comes into play trail and enduro riding but at the speeds some people ride up hills can become step-ups and rock ledges can become up hill kickers.

If you do find yourself launching up hill here is how ADB Enduro Editor Jake Stapleton recommends you do it.


Timing is everything when attempting to wheel tap uphill. Practice on smaller hills before moving onto anything too big.

Step 1- The Approach

Finding the right line for the job is the key that can make or break you. In this case, your line selection is limited to one major element – you need to find a hump, rock, log, tree root, or whatever you can find to give you enough pop to launch off.


Step 2 : Body Position

As you come up to the hill you need to be standing on the pegs in a neutral position, with your elbows and knees slightly bent. You need to approach the ramp with only enough speed to hop the distance. If you go too fast, you’ll lose some of the rebound effect and not get enough height.


Step 3 : The Bounce

As you approach you need to force your body weight down and into the suspension to compress the suspension. After the suspension compresses and is starting to rebound you should again use your body weight to maximize the rebound. This is just like hoping a bicycle but exaggerated. You should time it so that, as you’re taking off from the rock, log or whatever you are launching off your suspension is fully rebounded.


Step 4 : The Burst

At the same time as you start the bounce you should pull the clutch in enough to disengage your drive and give a good amount of gas, usually at least ¼ throttle and you have to hold it constant as you roll towards the launch. When your front wheel gets within a foot or two of the launch you need to dump the clutch and give it a good handful of gas.


Step 5 : The Jump
As you start to get air from our bounce and burst, let the front end come up high, way higher than a normal jump. You want to land rear wheel first and as high up the hill or edge as possible.


Step 6 : Landing
As the rear lands, the front end will be thrown down hard. To help soak up the hit you should land with gas and bend your knees and elbows with the compression of the suspension. Stay on the power and ride away.