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Wildwood Rock Extreme enduro will operate under a new format for 2020 | News

With the current guidelines in place, Victoria's Wildwood Rock Extreme can operate under the return to Adult Professional sports and is scheduled for November 29.

Wildwood Rock Organisers have advised the event is only open to riders over 18-years of age and riders must be able to drive themselves to the event as no spectators or pit crew are allowed. This year’s event will be capped at 60 riders.

All riders are required to be a member of the Australian Motorcyclist Association with the correct level of cover required to take part in the race.

Under the numbering system in place with the Grassroots Australian Hard Enduro Championship riders are expected to enter their correct class as per the class selected in reference to number and class. In the safety of the riders, organisers do not want to see riders enter in an above class – if your Silver you must enter Silver, NOT gold.

Covid-19 Guidelines for Wildwood

Riders will be required to take a temperature test if a rider returns a 37.5 deg or higher they can not attend. Riders can be retested after 30 minutes if they dispute the result of the temperature test.

Any rider who feels sick must not attend.

Riders are required to bring their own mask and the mask must be worn when not riding.

Social Distancing of 1.5 meters is required.

Wildwood Event Format – Knock Out (one winner per class)

Sign in starts at 8am – all bikes will need to be checked and have approved sticker applied.

Event Rider Briefing – 8:45am

Start Time – 9:30am

The event will operate with class heats – each class will do 2x three laps – this involves doing the prologue track four times per heat.

Heat Format 1 – Bronze / Silver / Gold.
Heat Format 2 – Bronze / Silver / Gold.

The Top four riders with the fastest overall times from combined from the two heats will go into a final, the final will be held on the prologue track area only.

The knock out final is two laps with the fastest rider to win outright

Final format – Bronze / Silver / Gold

Prize Money Per Class – $500.00

Rules for the day

Any dispute must be logged in writing within 30 minutes of the heats taking part, any dispute put forward must have relevant evidence with witnesses named to support.
Riders will be excluded if found outside the track area set or cutting the track layout to improve positions.
No Tear off’s are allowed to be used.
Environment mats are required to be used when filling the motorcycles in the pit area.
Fire Extinguishers are required to be within the work area when filling the motorcycles.
Noisy bikes will not be able to take part if deemed higher than 114dB. Testing can be done on-site if challenged.
Helmets must meet Australian standards – Also have no damage
Social Media – By entering the event you give permission to Wildwood Rock to display your name and details if required. All photos and videos can be used from the day without permission.
No Rubbish Rules apply – please take any rubbish home with the riders.

NO FOOD OR DRINKS WILL BE SOLD ON THE DAY – Please bring your own food for the day.
Gates open to enter the property from 7am and will be closed to spectators.
NO PIT CREW MEMBERS CAN ATTEND – this is to limit the amount of people attending on 29 November.
Injuries must be reported to the EVENT MEDICAL TEAM on the day.

Quick Details

Capped to 60 riders.
Groups of 20 in 3 classes with no more than 20 on the area used at once. (maximum number not exceeding 60)
Reduced riding space from 11km to 3km
Parking the rider groups away from each other to reduce mixing
Masks to be worn at all times when not riding the motorcycle
The 20 riders would begin in groups of 5 with delayed starting times to insure safe distance apply.
Organisers hold the option to restrict riders to be of Victoria only if required to limit travel.
Live Streaming to Website
Portable toilets used and cleaned after each use.
No requirement for riders to interact with staff – online entry process.

For any details keep on eye on the Wildwood Rock Extreme website – HERE.