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Wilson smokes the Women’s while Sanders shoots to stunning victory at AORC | Latest

KTM Enduro Racing Team’s Daniel Sanders launched off the line in familiar fashion to claim the first hole shot of the morning at Rounds 9 & 10 of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship.

The Championship E3 competitor Sanders led athletes in the Championship E1, E2 and E3 through the first lap of this testing and trying 3 hour Cross Country Race. Followed close in suit was KTM Enduro Racing teammate Tye Simmonds while KTM mounted Jack Simpson launched himself in to third in the hope to maintain his position for the three-hour long stint.

By the half way mark of the race the teams were instructing their riders to pull in for fuel stops and in a dash they were back out on the track ensuring no time was lost.

Sanders and Simmonds were still out in front with a comfortable lead with one and half hours to go under the hot New South Wales sun, however three fuel stops by Simpson relegated him down in positions allowing the speed of Active8 Yamaha Yamalube rider Beau Ralston to step straight into third position outright.

And at the conclusion of the race it was hole shot getter KTM Enduro Racing Team’s Daniel Sanders who remained consistent the whole race, taking on the pristine conditions to ride home in a comfortable first position outright and in the E3 class by almost over one minute in front of team mate Simmonds (E2).

Simmonds crossed the line second outright but took the win in the E2 class just in front of second placed Broc Grabham and third placed CDR Yamaha’s Chris Hollis for the Championship E2 class.

In the Championship E1 Class it was Jack Simpson who was victorious despite three fuel stops throughout the race and a pit lane penalty. Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team’s Glenn Kearney finished second in his class, describing the track as “hard” and was followed behind in third by Yamaha mounted Riley Graham.

Following first placed Sanders in the Championship E3 class was Ralston and third was Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team’s Lachlan Stanford.
Women’s and Masters –

By 1:00pm this afternoon the Women’s and Master’s class rocketed off the line under the afternoon sun with a tweaked track and plenty of competition to make the afternoon interesting at Rounds 9 & 10 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championships at Monkerai, NSW.

And after just one lap in the books for the two-and-a-half-hour Cross Country race it was Yamaha mounted Jemma Wilson who pushed in front to lead around the tricky circuit. Close behind Wilson was second placed Jessica Gardiner followed by Emilie Karlson.

Leading the Championship Masters class after just one lap was Derek Grundy eager to prove his dominance in the Masters class.

Wilson lead for the remainder of the race putting in consistent laps, while both Gardiner and Karlsson chopped and changed defending off the competition both keen to put their front wheel ahead.

On the last lap however Jessica Gardiner took a tumble off the bike which resulted in Karlsson overtaking the Yamaha mounted rider as they hooked in to the final turns on the track for one last push to the finish line.

With the wind picking up and the sun slowly beginning to fall in the early afternoon of today it was Jemma Wilson who crossed the line outright and leading the Championship Women’s class.

Second to cross the finish was Karlsson who secured second position outright and in the Women’s class after a glorious battle with Gardiner throughout the Cross Country race, and It was left to Gardiner to bring it home in third.

Derek Grundy wrapped up the day in first while Robert Bailey finished in second. It was Current Masters Championship points leader Peter Schaper who trailed in behind, in third position. Andrew Cais and David Pratten finished the day if fourth and fifth repectively.

Round 9 Results

Championship E1:

1.Jack Simpson – 3:02:31.474
2.Glenn Kearney – 3:05:11.679
3.Riley Graham – 3:07:51.900
4.Tom Kite – 3:12:43.294
5.Scott Keegan – 2:55:31.495
6.Baylee Davies – 2:58:11.585
7.Brad Hardaker – 2:58:42.076
8.Murray Mulholland – 3:06:00.913

Championship E2:

1.Tye Simmonds – 2:58:50.981
2.Broc Gragham – 3:03:24.820
3.Chris Hollis – 3:03:43.054
4.Tom McCormack – 3:04:18.643
5.Lyndon Snodgrass – 3:08:20.451
6.Geoff Braico – 3:11:56.746
7.Mitch Bowen – 2:54:55.832
8.Luke Tisdale – 3:07:53.651
9.Stuart Holt – 3:12:09.902
10.Peter Clark – 3:13:29.682

Championship E3:

1.Daniel Sanders – 2:57:23.903
2.Beau Ralston – 3:00:21.315
3.Lachlan Stanford – 2:56:28.502
4.Brayden Zillman – 3:14:52.927

Championship Women’s:

  1. Jemma Wilson – 2:17:24.790
  2. Emelie Karlsson – 2:18:55.217
  3. Jessica Gardiner – 2:19:48.608
  4. Sophie Coldicutt – 2:26:24.124
  5. Brittany Rubie – 2:20:18.481
  6. Karina Bailey – 2:25:28.478
  7. Kate Norman – 2:26:33.555
  8. Irene Vasilas – 2:28:28.630