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Wollongong Motorcycle Club Mt Kembla | Back End | Where to Ride

Wollongong Motorcycle Club: A dirtbike complex that offers a bit of everything for motocross, enduro and trials riders.

A dirtbike complex that offers a bit of everything for motocross, enduro and trials riders.

Wollongong Motorcycle Club

Wollongong Motorcycle Club’s Mt Kembla complex is home to one of the best motocross tracks around. It is the home track of Jay and Ryan Marmont and has also been the location of many ADB tests, including the 250cc and 450cc motocross shootouts in 2012 and the recent goggle test in issue #405. It caters for motocross riders as young as three, trials riders and, thanks to the recent addition of a bush loop, is also now an enduro destination.

Motocross riders are well looked after at Mt Kembla, with the centrepiece being the seniors’ MX track that’s carved into the side of the hill. It features big elevation changes, loads of corners and a good selection of tabletops, step-ups, step-downs, as well as a few fun rhythm and whoops sections. Kids on 50cc and 65cc machines can cut some laps on the beginners’ track out the back. This small kidney-shaped track is perched on top of the hill, above the seniors’ track, for the little ones starting out.

A recently cut-in enduro loop has opened a world of opportunity for every rider who drives through the gate. The 7km loop weaves through the dense bush surrounding the MX track and will test your skills on the slippery, off-camber corners and the creek crossing. It’s open to seniors and juniors and, depending on your speed, is about a 10-12 minute adventure, with a few nice hills thrown in.

The complex is open four days a week for general practice on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9am-4:30pm, and Wednesday for juniors only from 3:30pm-6pm.


  • Even though you must be a member to ride, anyone can join on the day
  • Racing is monitored by MyLaps TimePoint System and posted online
  • Mt Kembla host trials events in the bushland around the track
  • KTM Race Pace runs a motocross training class at Mt Kembla


  • Lot 2, Harry Graham Dr, Mt Kembla, NSW, 2526
  • One hour south of Sydney
  • 14km west of Wollongong


  • Year membership
  • Senior – $80, Junior – $30
  • Rideday fees
  • Senior – $25, Junior – $15 ($10 per family on Wednesdays)


P: 0402 383 243

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Olly Malone