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Yamaha apprenticeship program | News

A new Yamaha apprenticeship program is providing a unique opportunity for a passionate motorcycle enthusiast.

Yamaha Motor Australia is seeking a passionate motorcycle enthusiast looking to establish a successful career in an industry they love. That passion, combined with Yamaha’s state-of-the-art industry technology, will ensure maximum potential is realised.

The recent podium result by SunCity Yamaha technician Darren Stout at the 2018 World Motorcycle Technician Grand Prix, strengthened Yamaha Motor Australia’s resolve to set a solid foundation to build the company’s future.

A grass-roots opportunity within Yamaha Motor Australia is regarded as the first step towards a rewarding career with the Yamaha family, and the new initiative is seeking a future Technician Grand Prix champion with an apprenticeship opportunity for a motorcycle technician.

The successful applicant will be mentored by our industry-leading technicians at the Yamaha Motor Australia head office located in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Practical experience working for dealers within the Yamaha network will be complemented by an exciting opportunity to spin spanners for Yamaha’s factory race teams.

Nathan Ellery; External Training Coordinator: “Yamaha Motor Australia is focused on fueling the professional development of our next generation. We will start by providing an opportunity for an aspiring motorcycle technician to be our first apprentice.

We love motorcycles and aim to create a career path for a “bLU Future” within Yamaha Motor Australia.”

Passion is Yamaha’s ethos, and by offering this unique entry-level opportunity Yamaha Motor Australia is looking to ignite the passion in a youngster who knows that a ticket to a MotoGP and WSBK factory team starts with mastering the basics in the workshop.

Anyone who feels they have the right stuff to join the Yamaha Motor Australia team is invited to view the complete job description at