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Yamaha TT-R110E Used Bike Review | Used Bikes

The Yamaha TTR-110E is a kid-sized fun bike that brings hours of joy to the entire family.

It’s a bike that can be shared among siblings and even mum can jump on the Yamaha TT-R110E for a spin.

The low seat and manageable power means they are not intimidating for even the newest rider. The suspension and chassis are not designed to go sending off any big jumps but they are a very capable little trailbike.

The Yamaha TT-R110E is not intended as a competition bike although some minikhana clubs have a class for them to compete. I’ve even seen some motocross clubs, on special occasions, allow kids to race these things around for a bit of fun.

If an experienced rider or adult starts to catch air on one, suspension and/or chassis damage can occur. The travel is limited and adjustment is not an option so suspension tuning is out of the question. The fork and shock are designed for a broad range of smaller riders in a trailriding environment.

The engine is pretty tough. It can withstand a far amount of abuse but what they tend to succumb to is a lack of maintenance. If left with dirty oil in the sump for a long period the rings tend to wear and the timing chain stretches, leading to engine noise and/or excessive smoke.

If this is the case then the only fix is to pull the engine down and replace the worn parts. A good indicator of worn rings is the airbox filling with oil but this can also happen from putting too much oil in.

When inspecting a Yamaha TT-R110E to buy, make sure you give the frame, swingarm and suspension a good eye over for any cracks, bending or damage. The shock mounting pins can often become flogged out from jumping so pay them special attention. Then look over the wheels for any broken spokes or damage.

Give the bike a good ride and make sure the centrifugal clutch operates correctly and doesn’t slip. Select all gears and make sure none of them jump back out. Check the engine for any rattles or abnormal noises and then check for any smoke.

Check the airbox for oil if possible and ask about the bike’s service history. Even ask about who has been riding it. If the owner points to his 17-year-old son then you could most likely bet the bike has been through a hard life.

Lastly, check over all the cables for any fraying and make sure the brakes are operating correctly. The Yamaha TT-R110E is a very tough little bike but it needs to be maintained if you want it to last and be trouble free.

Technical Editor Mat Boyd

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