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Yamaha USA Launches Home Delivery Program | News

Yamaha USA has launched the “Deliver Your Ride” program supporting Yamaha dealers that are able to complete vehicle purchases remotely and then deliver the product directly to customers.

Yamaha USA’s “Deliver Your Ride” allows Yamaha dealers to sell to customers remotely and have the motorcycle delivered to the customer directly.

“Yamaha is working hard to support our dealer network and their customers during these difficult times,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s Motorsports group marketing manager. “It’s not business-as-usual for anyone, yet we know people may still want to buy and enjoy new Yamaha products where possible and appropriate based on their local laws and regulations.”

The new Deliver Your Ride initiative was announced to Yamaha dealers on April 17, 2020, as a temporary program and Yamaha is working diligently with dealers to assist with the implementation. Interested customers can contact their local Yamaha dealer or visit to determine availability in their area. This is a voluntary program and Yamaha is encouraging each dealer to determine the feasibility based on their local laws and capabilities.

The program is different from Beta USA’s Direct Delivery option, which allows customers to purchase and customise any Beta model online and have the bike delivered to their door ready to ride without involving a dealer.

ADB reached out to Yamaha Motor Australia who told us there are no plans to introduce a similar program locally but already many dealers have taken the initiative and set up their own pickup and delivery service for new models, parts and servicing.