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Yamaha WR400F Reader Ride | Back End

Todd Batson says his WR400F goes anywhere that any other bike can and that it will last forever. Besides, real blokes kick start bikes!

Yamaha WR400F

WHAT 1999 Yamaha WR400F
WHO Todd Batson
WHERE I GOT IT New from Yamaha dealer Bike and Power in Dural, NSW
HOW MUCH $10,500

Todd: Why I bought it

I couldn’t think of a reason not to. My mates were on XR600s and the WR was lighter and way more powerful. Back then I thought the power-to-weight ratio was crazy.

What he’s done to it

All it’s had is a Staintune muffler and oil. I replaced the headlight after the original got smashed off. It sat for four years when I travelled around Australia.

It took a while to kick over after replacing the fuel, nothing new about that, but it’s like an old tractor that just keeps going as good as any newer bike.

How does it go?

It goes as good as it did new with only 4000km. I love the noise out of it and it goes anywhere any other bike can. I can’t think of a reason to get a new one, apart from the fact that it can be a bugger to kickstart on a hill. But I’ve mastered hot starts.

Would he recommend it?

As we all know, real blokes kick start bikes. We need to keep the skill alive and pass it on to our kids. Otherwise old XT500s ,WRs and PW50s will be lost to history. This bike will last forever.


– Staintune Muffler
– Ceramic composite coated bore
– Whipps bashplate
– Dry-sump lubrication
– Magnesium engine covers

Yamaha WR400F suspension

Yamaha WR400F decompression lever

Yamaha WR400F muffler


• When mates try and kick it over they think it’s seized
• It throws sparkplugs. It’s a mystery why but they’re a real pain to change
• The engine has never had a spanner on it, apart from oil changes
• Todd destroyed the original rubber on the first weekend and thought he’d ahve to buy a tyre factory
• It’s got a secret hot start button. It helps win free beers at the pub

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