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Luc Ackermann – 10 backflips in 30 seconds WORLD RECORD

Luc Ackermann has smashed the twelve-year-old world record with the most motorcycle backflips in 30 seconds!

In doing so Ackermann surpassed his idol, American legend Travis Pastrana.

The record had lasted for nearly twelve years. Until Luc Ackermann arrived on the scene. For three weeks he practiced one backflip after the other on his training ground in Niederdorla. On July 12, 2020 at 1pm he headed to the first dirt hill in Sperenberg. Nine backflips within 30 seconds would have been enough to take the world record, but the Thuringian FMX athlete wanted to stake his claim. His goal: ten backwards somersaults in 30 seconds! The reigning FIM world champion mastered one backflip after the other. After landing the 10th mini flip, the watch stopped at 28.95 seconds! Luc Ackermann had improved Travis Pastrana’s decade plus reigning record by two somersaults, an incredible 10 flips in 28.95 seconds!