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GYTR YZ250X Torque Pipe/Muffler | Product Evaluations

When I first got my hands on the Yamaha YZ250X long-termer, I was really impressed with the power and the way the two-stroke engine delivered it to the ground.

So, naturally, once I got comfortable on it, I started to want to trick it up. Straight on the Y-shop page I went and ordered the GYTR exhaust system made by FMF. After all, everyone wants to go faster, so why not bolt on a “Flying Machine Factory” system?


LOOKS: As soon as you fit the FMF torque pipe, you feel great and look faster than ever. The nickel-plated chamber is very different to the stock black pipe and looks pretty sexy. Then there is the muffler. Its short – real short – has a sweet blue finish on it and, with the cool GYTR/FMF logo on there, it really looks schmick.

FIT: Unbolt the stock setup and bolt the FMF straight on, easy as that. No real stuffing around, just change over the rubbers on the muffler mount and away you go. All the bolts and springs line up perfectly and once all tightened up, it’s as solid as a rock. The expansion chamber is thicker steel as well which is great for off-road. I never ran a pipe guard and never had dramas with damage.

PERFORMANCE: The GYTR system gives the bike some serious extra grunt off the bottom. Even with the heavier GYTR flywheel which we also fitted, the bike gets the ‘snap’ I was looking for. Some people probably would think it’s a bit much but I was all about it. Combined with the right gearing, I found that I could carry higher gears and use the added grunt to really accelerate out of corners with little or no clutch action needed.


PRICE: You pay extra for that GYTR logo. At around $700 full retail for the pipe and muffler, it is quite a pricey extra for a two-stroke system. Usually they are around $550-$600. But it must cost a bit more to make and rivet the logo into the pipe.

LOUD: I will be the first to admit how much I am a fan of two-stroke noise and, at first, the muffler sounded sooo good. It had that beautiful tone that a quality two-stroke muffler has but, as time went by, the fibreglass packing went out the back and it got louder and louder. So much so that I was asked to change pipes at a round of the AORC I did because it was too loud.

LEANER MIXTURE: I did not change the jetting from stock for the FMF system. Straight away I noticed that the bike was more revvy and ran hotter. The FMF system leans the jetting out and could result in some damage to the engine if the rider doesn’t pay attention.
Enduro Editor Geoff Braico

I really like the FMF system. It gives the bike the extra grunt I was wanted, looks the part and was easy to bolt on and maintain. Yeah, it’s a little pricier than it should be but it’s a quality product and is worth the extra coin. It’s taken a beating and has withstood everything I’ve thrown at it. And don’t forget it looks awesome and the sound…. Well, it’s just awesome.

Pipe $449.39, muffler $249.96