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Husqvarna FC350: Long Term Update #3 | Back End | Bike Reviews | Features

After riding the FC350 on several tracks over the last month and playing with different oil heights in the 4CS fork I have come to realise that a height of 90mm is much better than the 100mm I had.

One of the biggest complaints with the 4CS fork is that it blows through the stroke far too easily. By reducing the air gap in the fork with an oil height of 90mm the fork becomes much more progressive and stiffens up much more nicely towards the bottom.

This setting works much better for quicker riders or riders over 80kg but for beginners or light-weights the 100mm oil height would be better. Now that I have got the suspension dialled to perfection I am really starting to feel how nimble and easy this bike is to throw around.

With the airbox opened up and the exhaust de-restricted I really like how much power the 350 can produce. It still doesn’t have the torque of a 450 and has to be revved harder, more like a 250, but the motor has loads more pull through the gears than a 250.

I am noticing that I have to be on top of my gear changes a little more, just like on a 250. I can no longer be lazy with my changes and rely on engine torque to make up for my laziness.

With all this said, I am gelling well with the bike and feel very comfortable. I haven’t got to race the bike as yet but I am hanging to get on the startline and have a go.

Servicing the Husky has been an easy task. I clean the air filter after every ride and re-oil it and every five hours I have been dumping the engine oil and replacing the oil filter. I haven’t seen any nasty metal filings in the oil filter or on the magnetic sump plug so I know everything inside the engine is running well.

One thing I feel like I really need to brag about on the Husky is the brakes. It is so hard to beat a set of Brembo brakes. They give such a solid and confidence-inspiring feel. The levers and pedal are all comfortable and perform their jobs perfectly.

To back that up there is the Magura hydraulic clutch which works smoothly and effortlessly. Another thing that is high on my brag list are the handgrips.

This is the first time I have used ODI lock-on ‘grips. They are comfortable, have loads of grip and I know they are never going to move.

I have a small OCD problem when it comes to ‘grips. They need to be comfortable and never move. If a ‘grip moves slightly then I am done with it and it needs to be removed, reglued and lock wired into place. The ODI ‘grips are certainly a win, hopefully more ‘grip company’s follow in ODI’s footsteps.

Next month the FC350 is getting a full custom sticker kit from Kustom MX graphics and a brand new set of Bridgestone Battlecross X30 tyres. Check back then to see how it all turns out.

MODS THIS MONTH More suspension
MODS NEXT MONTH Kustom MX graphics and Bridgestone Battlecross X30 tyres.

Technical Editor Mat Boyd