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Husqvarna FC350: Long Term Update #8 | Back End | Bike Reviews

The Husqvarna has been performing well lately and I can’t complain about any reliability issues, but I was notified that there had been a recall on all Huskies and KTMs.

The recall is for the condenser mount and the front spokes.

I haven’t had any problems with my spokes but there have been cases of the front ones snapping so the manufacturer has made stronger spokes to prevent this. The condenser has been breaking off from the bracket so Husqvarna is supplying a new condenser and mounting bracket to solve this issue.

Being a motorcycle mechanic, I did both recalls on the FC350 and can’t say that there was any sign of damage or failure on those parts on my bike but the manufacturer must have seen enough issues to warrant a recall. If you have not already been contacted by your dealer then go in and see them or make a phone call and ask about having the recall performed on your bike.

The front wheel has to be fully disassembled and relaced with stronger spokes. To fix the condenser, the seat and tank are removed, the old condenser binned and the new condenser and mounting bracket fitted. Fitting the new condenser is a quick and easy job but relacing the front wheel can be time consuming, so don’t leave it until the last minute. Give your dealer a call.

While I had the seat and tank off the Husky I decided it was time for a good service and check up so I remove the rocker cover and checked the valve clearances and just as I had expected they were perfectly in spec and didn’t need any adjusting. The Delwest valves that are used standard in these motors are very strong and durable and rarely need adjusting unless the motor is abused. I also took the time to replace the sparkplug and change the oil and oil filter while I was working on the bike. Everything looked great and the bike is running well. There were no foreign particles in the oil filter and the spar plug was a nice light brown colour.

Now that the Husky has had a full check up, service and is up to date with the manufacturer’s recall, it is time to get out and do some more riding.

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Technical Editor Mat Boyd

This long term update was published in ADB issue #444 – September 2016.