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2022 HONDA CRF250F REVEALED! | Bike Reviews | News

Honda have revealed images and details of their latest 2022 CRF250F which has fallen into line with the CRF250R colourway and we think it looks the goods!

Honda have gone with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality on the 2022 CRF250F and just added the flash new colourway and red plastics already seen on the CRF-R motocross range. That means it is essentially the same CRF250F that Australasian SXS tested two years ago.  Honda Australia were able to confirm with ADB the price will be $7199 and it will be available in Australia from October.

The CRF250F was launched back in 2019 as a beginner trailbike after Honda took a long hiatus from the 250F trailbike market. It fell somewhere between an XR250 and CRF250X. The CRF250F features a new 250cc single-overhead camshaft engine with Keihin fuel injection. The CRF250F has 16% more power (2kW) and 21.7% more torque (3.9Nm) than the old $5999 CRF230F.

For more details and real-world review of the 2019 Honda CRF250F check out the test Australasian SXS did here: