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The 2024 GASGAS Factory Edition motocross machine is loaded with the latest dirt bike tech and will be in Australia from April 2024.

Based off the 2024 GASGAS MC 450F, the 2024 GASGAS Factory Edition is now equipped with even more cutting-edge technology. A Connectivity Unit and GPS Sensor can pair with a smartphone and the GASGAS+ app, allowing riders to easily personalize engine performance and so much more! But that’s not all. As the Factory Edition evolves with each passing year, the 2024 GASGAS Factory Edition model features plenty of new parts and improved features.
As always, the Factory Edition model is equipped with plenty of trick new parts from front to back. Here’s a handy little list of what they are and just why they’re so awesome…

New frame and motor mounts – Reduced material improves chassis flex, reduces weight, and improves handling, especially on corner entry.

New Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing replica graphics – Wrapping further around the bodywork edges thanks to a new, in-mold application process creates a bolder, brighter look. The bikes are topped off with a matching full gripper seat cover, that features additional ribs, to keep you planted firmly in place as you get on the gas!

Smaller fuel tank – Exclusive to the Factory Editions, the reduced capacity and size saves weight and allows air to flow more freely through the radiators, which leads to improved cooling.

Redesigned front fender – Blends perfectly into the front number plate and houses the new GPS sensor that enables the RIDER feature on the GASGAS+ App to work perfectly.

New frame protection kit – Made from two materials for improved grip.

WP XACT split air front fork – New settings to suit the updated frame and rear linkage.

Updated rear linkage – New, lower-friction seals and a new linkage bolt.

New Dunlop GEOMAX MX34 tyres – Revised compounds and tread patterns offer superior grip on all surfaces.

New rear brake pedal – Improves braking performance in all track conditions.

For 2024, GASGAS is stoked to put engine tuning into the rider’s hands for the very first time. All you need to do is download our new GASGAS+ app, pair your device with the Connectivity Unit Offroad that’s installed on every Factory Edition bike, then with a few quick taps, you can access all the app’s features.

Within the GASGAS+ app there are three main sections – ENGINE, SUSPENSION, and RIDER. The ENGINE feature allows you to customize and control the power delivery based on your style or the track conditions while the SUSPENSION feature offers recommended settings for different types of circuits. Multiple set-ups, for both the engine and suspension can also be saved for future reference. Finally, the RIDER feature is where your lap times are recorded along with the ability to analyze everything about how your bike is running.

GASGAS+ App features in a little more detail…

ENGINE – Choose between predefined maps based on the track type, and track conditions, or use the ADVANCED mode to create your map from scratch. The ENGINE feature gives you full control of the Engine Braking, Throttle Response, Traction Control, Launch Control, and Quickshifter sensitivity. You can then save all of your favorite mappings and activate the most suitable one when you arrive at each track, then make changes between sessions or races if you need to.

RIDER – Within this feature of the app, which is powered by LITPro and receives data from the CUO and GPS fitted to the front fender, you can review your session or race by downloading the data into the app for detailed analysis. It offers amazing insights into your riding (lap and section analysis, airtime, corner analysis, and Lap99 analysis) and allows you to visualize your engine data at the same time, with up to 15 values selectable (engine RPM, gear position, throttle position, map switch mode, and many more). Once you download the session you can analyze your performance, compare laps, and compete with others on a virtual leaderboard.

The RIDER feature is only available as an annual subscription with a four-week trial period, with pricing then starting at €69,99 in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Prices are dependent on the ordering country.

SUSPENSION – This feature of the app has two main functions. SAG ASSISTANT helps you find the correct SAG for each individual bike. To achieve this, ‘Bike on Stand’ and ‘Bike with Rider’ are asked by the app when setting the sag. By using the SUSPENSION SETTING section, you can then create multiple, personalized suspension set-ups after inputting your weight in riding gear, and track type and condition. Once you’ve selected your skill level – Basic, Advanced, or Pro – as well as the Track Terrain – Sand, Soft, Medium, or Hard – you’ll be shown recommended settings, which can be fine-tuned and saved for use at other circuits.

As you can see, the Factory Edition features a ton of awesome new components and cutting-edge technology. But the super cool parts don’t stop there! Take a look at the full list of what else is fitted to complete the build …

  • Factory Racing wheels
  • CNC-machined triple clamps with two offset options
  • Akrapovic “Slip-On Line” titanium exhaust system
  • Billet Hinson/GASGAS Factory Racing clutch cover
  • WP Factory Start Device
  • Map Select Switch with two different riding modes (mellow/aggressive)
  • Semi-floating Front Disc
  • Factory Front Brake Disc Guard
  • Factory Skid Plate
  • Black Neken handlebars with GASGAS bar pad
  • Grey, soft ODI grips
  • Golden Chain
  • Black Rear Sprocket
  • Number 51 decals included with every 450 model

The 2024 GASGAS MC 450F Factory Edition will be available in limited numbers from authorised GASGAS dealerships in Australia and New Zealand from April 2024. For full pricing details and more information, please visit your local GASGAS dealer.

Please note, the MC 250F Factory Edition will not be available in Australia or New Zealand.