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ENDURO & MX TEST | 2024 GASGAS RANGE | Bike Reviews

Ben Grabham, enjoys the high life and heads to Italy to test the entire 2024 GASGAS enduro and motocross ranges. See what the launch was like.

Arriving at the 2024 GASGAS it was very obvious that GASGAS is aiming for the image as the ‘fun/relaxed party brand’ as the launch was also part of the GASGAS Spice It Up Festival. This was also open to the public to come test all the new models during the day, dance to the live band and drink beer until you couldn’t any more. Even though I was far from in a party mood, it was very cool to see the relaxed atmosphere and everyone enjoying the experience. 

Looking at the new 2024 GASGAS range, expansion of the enduro range is what I like the best. There are two additions the EC 450F & EC 500F, and both of these additions will now make GASGAS a serious option for Aussie desert riders and racers. Not only is there new models, the whole 2024 GASGAS range has received changes or updates to just about every area.

The chassis/bodywork is all new, and for the first time the MC/EC/EX share the same frame and the 250-500F engines now even share the same engine mounts. A new subframe is shared across all models. The standard foot pegs are easily the largest I’ve seen on a production bike, 8mm longer & 5mm wider than before. Braktec now control both ends of braking and clutch control on all models.

There is a new Neken handlebar that is 12mm taller than previous models. A new LED headlight on EC models which is much better for night riding. You only need a Torx 30 tool to remove all of the plastics.

As for the engines, all two-strokes have electronic power valves. The engine platform for the 250-300 two-stroke is the lightest they have ever produced. Service and maintenance is easier than ever with markers on the cases. The same gearbox is now shared between 250-500 EC models and all two-stroke models have a new TBI injection system.

 Then there’s the suspension, the EC range has a updated version of the WP XPLOR fork, the MC has an updated WP XACT closed cartridge air fork and the EX uses the all new WP XACT cartridge spring fork.


I don’t have enough room to go into all the ride details with all 16 models, so I’ll save going into more in-depth individual bike reports for upcoming ADB issues. I can easily say every engine has received more power, especially the two-strokes and the 250F/350F. On the track all four of these models felt to have gained horsepower & torque throughout the whole rev range as well as become easier to control thanks to the smoother than ever power delivery. Desert racers will be glad to hear the 2024 GASGAS EC450-500 gearbox feels like it is ready for the racetrack due to the all-new gearbox ratios.

Ergonomics feel a little more spacious than before as the seamless feeling cockpit allows a lot of freedom to move around especially with the new taller handlebars & large foot pegs. Chassis wise- there definitely is a more of a stiffer feeling, the positive side of this is you can feel exactly where the wheels are no matter the riding situation. The new anti-squat system GASGAS has achieved via repositioning of the countershaft sprocket, did take a bit of getting used to at first as I have grown up riding with motorcycles that pivot around a lot more.

It was definitely an advantage in the soft sections of the track as the rear did not squat and unload the front tyre like I am generally used to. The suspension across all models is more than capable of way more than ninety percent of riders can put it through, even the basic WP XPLOR fork with its internal updates is feeling better than ever.

You only need to read any of my previous reports on GASGAS models to know that I like the Braktec rear brake and clutch system. Previously the Braktec front brake has been my gripe, the good news is now with a updated lever, lever ratio and new seals it now produces great front braking power and feel.

Overall GASGAS has done a great job at improving every model in one way or another. The power improvements via outright horsepower and ride-ability are what impressed me the most. I am definitely looking forward to riding these new models on some Australian soil.


After riding 16 different models it really was hard to pick a favourite so I’ll mention my two favourite models now. Even though the terrain was quite tight and technical the EC 500F was in my top two models. Straight up it is the most powerful 500cc four-stroke enduro bike I have ridden straight off the showroom floor and this has me excited to get it out in the Australian desert.

This new generation frame has given the bike a bit of a MX feel that has it reacting like a race bike more and that is something I really enjoyed. The test bike we rode had the optional power map switch that gave me access to both power map options as well as TC/QS mode. I did not find the Quick Shift mode anything special in the bush, however I enjoyed being able to ride the bike in full power mode or make it a gentle giant by running the standard map with Traction Control activated.

My other favourite model that was a total surprise to me was the EX 300 two-stroke. This is one of the GASGAS cross-country models, so purely a race bike, as it is not possible to be road registered. On the track I had so much fun riding this bike, as it runs a MX spec TBI engine that produces tonnes of lively fun power. The other stand out feature on this bike is the new WP closed cartridge spring fork as it really complimented the racy feel of this bike. This bike in standard trim is an out of the box off-road race weapon that is crazy fun to ride.