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ALPINESTARS TECH 7 BOOTS | Back End | Product Evaluations

Alpinestars has been making boots for decades and it’s got very good at it. I haven’t been in a set of Astars for nearly four years.

Instead wandering the wilderness looking for something that could compare, and the fact I’m now back in them suggests I was unsuccessful in my search.

That being said, I didn’t go through every boot on the market but over the 20 years I’ve been riding and 10 years testing on ADB, I’ve never felt as comfortable as I do in Techs. I’ve tried Tech 8s, two sets of Tech 10s and now the Tech 7s and it may please you to know I chose the cheapest as my favourite boot!

Sure the 10s and 8s offer superior protection, but the comfort and feel when wearing the Tech 7 may outweigh the safety margin of the others. I opted for the Enduro model of the Tech 7 which has a grippier sole for more traction and I’m impressed. It has far more traction than my motocross-style Tech 10s.

An external biomechanical pivot allows plenty of ankle movement in the vertical plane, albeit with a squeaky action, but not in the lateral direction. The top of the boot is soft so it doesn’t rub you raw on your calf, while the external shinplate and inside calf protection make sure nothing can spear you from the outside.

They open right up so you can easily slide your foot in and they’re super comfortable. If you didn’t look down you’d swear you were wearing sneakers. Alpinestars has updated the buckle system for 2017/18, using an arrowhead-like strap with a better hinge point, and so far so good.

Stay tuned to see how they hold up and if their external appearance is as soft and as plush as their internal! Mitch Lees

BILL: $469.95
BLOWER: (03) 8327 8899