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Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boot | Product Evaluations

Alpinestars released a version of the Tech 7 called the Enduro and I had to give them a go.

Until now, I’ve always seen Alpinestars’ Tech 7s as motocross boots. They lacked the grip and durability of the more off-road friendly Tech 8s. But when Alpinestars released a version of the Tech 7 called the Enduro, I was keen to give it another chance. And I’m glad I did.


CALF WRAP I have regular-sized calves so this is never really a big issue for me but the top of the boot fits snugly around my shin and kneebrace, with a padded microfibre material that has not ripped and does not let much water in.
The front is a solid piece of plastic so nothing has broken through and the Velcro top allows me to do it up as tight as I need. It also opens up wide enough to get the boot on easily.

SOLE SISTERS The enduro-specific sole has loads more grip than the motocross one when climbing slippery hills and even when gripping for dear life to the footpegs.

WEAR AND TEAR The plastic moulding that the padding of the boot sits in is incredibly durable and has not split or cracked. The toe part of the moulding is reinforced as well.

ANKLE SUPPORT Alpinestars uses a biomechanical link between the top plastic section and the bottom allowing plenty of flex when walking and also great protection. While it does squeak a little, I’d prefer mobility and safety over the ability to sneak up on my mates and sack whack them.

BUCKLE UP The buckles are still just as strong as they were the day I got them and they are always easy to do up.


SQUEAKY The boots squeak where the ankle joint swivels.
UNDER OR OVER? The second strap from the bottom of the boot has a piece of plastic that goes with it, but it isn’t sure if it’s meant to go under or over the corresponding piece of plastic.

I really struggled to find anything wrong with these boots. I think they offer the best bang for your buck out of the entire Alpinestars range. The Tech 7s are super comfortable, offer great feel of the brake pedal and gearlever, have enough grip for traipsing along trails, excellent build quality and excellent protection. Don’t be put off by the boot’s soft appearance, it’s proving durable for me but you’ll just have to wear something else when you try sneaking out of the house for a ride.

Mitch Lees

Bill $469.95
Blower (03) 8327 8899