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Beta Xtrainer 300 Long Term Update #7 | Back End | Bike Reviews | Features

The trailriding crew at ADB have been turning a few people to the dark side lately, most notably Technical Editor Mat Boyd, but I’ve usually stuck to motocross.

I’ve been on a few awesome enduro rides but I also went on many terrible ones, so I stuck to motocross with my mates.

But all things must pass. With Digital Editor Olly Malone confined to the couch after surgery, he cunningly decided to lend me his long-term test bike, the Beta Xtrainer 300. At the start, I figured I would not enjoy enduro-type riding.

After trying some very challenging trails and conquering some rocky hillclimbs, something happened. First my patience increased because of the bike, which made what used to be challenging seem easier than I remembered. As my patience grew, so did my skills and I began to enjoy the challenge.

Not only is this bike great for skilled riders, but it is also a great introductory bike for people who have never ridden or have not had the pleasure of enduro riding.
After the first few outings, I started trailriding more frequently as I was enjoying being on the trails rather than fighting the bike. Skills I’ve picked up from riding the Xtrainer have even contributed to my ability in motocross.

The best part about trailriding is going out with your buddies on an adventure and spending some solid time on the bike.

Since the opportunity to use this bike long-term arose, I’ve started to want my own enduro bike (I just wish this nanny state had rec reg).

Just give it a couple of years when me and all my mates have grown beer guts, you’ll see me lost in the Watagans with no water, the wrong tools and a flat tyre asking for directions, but I’m looking forward to it! Wes Mills

This update of ADB’s Beta Xtrainer 300 long-term test bike as published in ADB issue #458 – November 2017.

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