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The FIM have announced a number of major changes to the 2024 FIM Sand Races World Cup series, with each round again having its own unique format.

In addition to the recently unveiled extended six-round calendar, the FIM Sand Races World Cup is set to embrace a broader spectrum by introducing nine distinct categories. These include Motorcycle (M), Motorcycle Junior 1 (MJ1), Motorcycle Junior 2 (MJ2), Quad (Q), Quad Junior (QJ), SSV (S), Vintage 1 (V1), Vintage 2 (V2), and Vintage Quad (VQ).

Within the Motorcycle category, competitors can participate in Overall, Veteran, and Women classes. Meanwhile, MJ1 and MJ2 will feature both Junior and Women classes. Quad enthusiasts can engage in Overall, Veteran, and Women classes, while QJ includes Junior and Women categories. SSVs (Side-By-Side Vehicles) and Vintage Quad competitors will contend in an Overall class, with V1 and V2 racers competing in Overall and Women classes.

To qualify for the Vintage categories, machines must be from before 1997 and equipped with steel frames.

The series introduces a fresh logo, showcasing two riders in typical starting positions, symbolizing both Motorcycle and Quad competitors.

Dedicated social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the FIM Sand Races World Cup have been established, along with a new Sportity Channel accessible with the password FIMSandRaces.

Spanning races in five different countries across two continents, the series spans from February to December, kicking off with the renowned Enduropale du Touquet Pas-de-Calais from February 2-4.

Do you reckon heat should add the Golden beach 6-Hour to the schedule?!