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Custom RMX250 Topline Seatcover | Product Evaluations

Mario from Topline brings our 1998 Suzuki RMX250 into the 21st century with a custom gripper seat cover to replace the rather tired looking original.

My lawd, do I feel upset about this poor seatcover. Mario worked his arse off to repack the foam in our stuffed RMX250 seat and wrap it in his gripper cover only for our tester to ride the wheels off the bike and absolutely trash it in less than three months. We think the guy must ride in chainmail because this looks like it’s had a very hard life. Nevertheless it’s doing a great job! Here’s why:


GRIP Mario makes his seatcovers using the best grip material we’ve tested. We have never torn or worn a hole in his covers and the small, grippy pattern never wears out.
DURABILITY No matter how hard our tester humps this seat it refuses to tear. Considering the state of it, that is impressive!
SERVICE We simply removed the seat and sent it to Mario in sunburnt Victoria, who not only patched the hole in the foam (see inset) so that you couldn’t tell a piece had been missing but he stapled his sweet cover onto the seatbase, boxed it up and had it back to us within a week!
LOOKS We love the black-and-yellow combo with ADB masthead at the back. Gives the RMX250 that factory look.


COLOUR We asked for a yellow seat and we are regretting it. Yellow does not hold up well in the mud when you wear chainmail.
STICKER The Suzuki branding on the side has worn off from where our tester grips the seat with his knees and when trying to get the dirt out of the yellow with his industrial high-pressure washer. Stand back when washing and use suds, don’t just squirt it up close.


We couldn’t be happier with how the seat came up. It had that slippery vinyl that bike seats from the ’90s were famous for and it had two massive holes in the vinyl and foam. We thought it was irreparable but Mario worked his magic and it feels better than a new one. The pleats offer much more grip than the standard seat, allowing our tester to get forward on the bike more. Just accept that yellow will get dirty and keep your pressure washer away from the stickers!
Editor Mitch Lees

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