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ENDURO COMPARO I SWM RS300R V Sherco 300 SEF-R Factory | Back End | Bike Reviews | Features

Compare the pair. Same engine displacement. Same engine configuration. Same wheel sizes. Two very different machines.

Hopefully Industry Super won’t sue us for this, but these two machines look very similar on paper.

In fact, they even look like they could be used for the same thing, so if you didn’t ride them back-to-back you could be forgiven for thinking the only difference is the price tag. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not.

We’re also here to tell you that’s not a bad thing. Sure, the Sherco is dripping in quality race parts, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for a trailrider. The SWM is cheaper but it doesn’t get all the bling and despite appearances these bikes thrive in two completely different categories.

We rode both bikes back-to-back to see if there is more to the story than just the price tag. The testers were ADB Editor Mitch Lees, Tuffy – Marketing and Communications for Mojo Motorcycle Imports, Mark Grove – jack of all trades who races MX, SX, desert and enduro and Steve Braszell – motorcycle mechanic and Wildwood Extreme Enduro Manager. You can read the full review in ADB issue #457, but here’s a taste of what our test riders thought.

So, if you had $10,000 to spend what would you buy? And, by you, I mean your specific riding needs as a trailrider or racer. Do you stretch yourself, go to the bank and borrow an extra $4000 to buy the Sherco or do you buy the SWM and spend $2000 on it?

Tuffy: Now that I have a family, very little time to ride and less money, it is the SWM for me.

Grover: For what I would want to do I would have to go to the bank and do anything I could to get the extra $4000. There’s nothing wrong with the SWM, it’s just not as well setup for racing as the Sherco.

Steve: As a clubman who rides at the back of the pack of an off-road event I’d actually go the SWM. I’d modify the suspension and set it up how I like. That’s the option for me and I’d definitely say my wife would agree!

Tuffy: Actually, scrap that, I would secretly get finance for the Sherco and keep the $10k cash in a tin, in my man cave, and use it for sneaky beers, bike parts and riding trips with the boys. Missus won’t notice the weekly payments and will love me going riding because its not “really costing much”. I’ll probably get back to doing a few races as well because I’ll actually be able to afford the expensive MA license (using the cash).

Sherco vs SWM