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Check out this Guinness World Record jumping 2018 Honda CRF450R. Longest distance motorcycle jump with passenger, 37.105 metres.

JAKE AND MEL ECKERT are the couple responsible for the Longest distance motorcycle jump with passenger, 37.105 metres. This is the 2018 Honda CRF450R they did it on.

How do you like your fmx bikes setup, and what do you look for when setting up a bike? 

Jake: I really like the setting we found for this jump. Normally I like my bikes on the softer side, although for this jump we needed the bike to be stiff enough in the rear to absorb the landing with two people, yet still be balanced enough for the take-off, and to keep level in the air.

Why did you decide to do the jump and what exactly was it?

We decided to do this jump for personal achievement. Both Mel and myself work in the stunt department in the film/TV industry and wanted to do a “stunt” that was unique, with an old school feel meaning we did it for real! A dirt take-off and landing, with no foam pits, no airbags, no practice jumps, and nothing added to the bike. Just Mel holding on, and simply going for it on the day.

The records we achieved were for the longest distance motorcycle jump with passenger at 37.105 metres. Previously it had been 29 metres. We also set the longest dirt to dirt motorcycle jump with passenger as no previous record had been set, also at 37.105 metres.


What parts and modifications have been made for you to do the jump?

Per the Guinness World Record rules and requirements, the 2018 Honda CRF450R had to be stock, with no flying aids, welded attachments, bolted on or any custom parts. The suspension was valved and sprung by Danny Apro at Apro Motorsports in Wollongong, to allow for the extra weight. The bike was geared one tooth higher and we fitted some Ballards titanium foot pegs and Renthal 998 bars, the higher bend gave Mel more room to hang on to me.

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