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Fox Air Defence & Air Space Cam Sinclair Goggle | Product Evaluations

The latest offering of eyewear from Fox is an impressive piece of kit and comes in a variety of options.

Price: $129.95 (Air Defence) $114.95 (Air Space Sinclair)
Where:Monza Imports
(03) 8327 8899

The two options we are most interested in is the Air Space and Air Defence. While both goggles are almost the same price, the Air Defence is the superior model. The only reason the Air Space goggles will do the same damage to the wallet as the Air Defence is because of the FMX freak they are modelled after: Cam Sinclair.

The Air Defence goggle is modelled after the Air Space, only with a tougher lens. The Air Defence lens is a pre curved, Injection Moulded Polycarbonate job, that is more resilient and less likely to be damaged than the Air Space. The pre curved lens also improves peripheral vision and doesn’t distort the shapes you see where the lens bends. The Air Defence also received an extra layer of foam 17mm thick from the Air Space.

The Air Space goggle while inferior on the Fox goggle ladder, is bolstered with some Sinclair goodies including increased vision and 30% more air space. Of the two goggles the Sinclair Air Space is actually my preferred model, not just because they look better but because they’re more comfortable on my face than the Air Defence. While I have noticed a few scratches on the iridescent lens, I don’t feel the pre curved lens on the Air Defence is that noticeable.

That being said the Air Defence lens is bulletproof. No scratches so far or white marks from bending the plastic. Both straps work well, and the rubber strip on the underside helps both straps stay in place and make me look a little less goon.

At this stage it looks like the Air Defence would be the better goggle for bush riders likely to brush the odd tree, while the Air Space Cam Sinclair model is for your superstar motocross/supercross rider wanting to stand out from the crowd. Mitch Lees