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GEARBAG TEST | OGIO RIG 9800 PRO | Product Evaluations

The Rolls-Royce of gearbags

THE OGIO RIG 9800 PRO is the Rolls-Royce of gearbags. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a premium gearbag and has just had a facelift and picked up a few new features.

It now includes an additional boot bag and interchangeable wheels so you can swap them out if they’ve been damaged or to customise the look with another colour and style of wheels. Sadly, you can’t fit AT81 gummy tyres for muddy pit areas.

The grab handles have been updated, an extra storage pocket included and an ID window sewn into the top. The Ogio has been a top choice for going on 20 years and, with this update, it’s hard to see that situation changing anytime soon.

The main feature of the Rig is the heavy-duty SLED system. It equalizes the load over the whole bag for increased durability. This is the backbone of the Ogios and the reason they last so well. The gearbag also uses integrated foam in its construction, to protect your gear, and has a sturdy telescopic handle for your kids to tow it around the house

The bag features large compartments with internal straps to prevent your stuff from bouncing around and heavy-duty handles for picking the bag up fully loaded and hurling it into the back of your truck or van.

As soon as I brought my Ogio Rig 9800 home the kids tried to claim it and turn it into a sled. I turned my back for five minutes and they were towing each other around the house using the bag like a hand trolley! There was a tonne of kicking and screaming when I pried it away from them to fill it with my gear but I got it loaded and have had it bouncing around the back of my ute when I go riding. This bag is likely to end up as part of my estate for Ella and Reid but I’ll check back with you guys in the meantime for a full review and update.


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Mat Boyd