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HONDA LX ENDURO KIT REVIEW | Product Evaluations

If you ride a Honda CRF450L, you need to have the Honda LX Enduro Kit. Simple. As. That.

Why? Because the kit, which includes a complete FMF exhaust system with Megabomb header and Q4 muffler, Vortex X10 ECU and SK Designs graphics kit, unleashes the beast within the 450L and absolutely transforms the engine.

INSTALL: Fitting the kit is straight forward, with a couple of caveats: 1). Getting the oxygen sensor off the stock header meant grinding out the end of a ring spanner so we could slip it over the sensor wiring and undo it; 2). The ECU mount has more than a few fiddly little spacers and washers, so pay close attention to where they come from and where they go when you fit the Vortex.
WEIGHT: The Q4 muffler weighs in at 2.673kg, which is 3.3kg less than the stocker. Gotta love that. Oh, and it looks a zillion bucks better.
MAPS: The Vortex comes pre-programmed with 10 maps, four of which are specific to the 450L in LX spec: full FMF system and open airbox lid. We’ve made the Best Trail Power and Traction/Enduro maps our friends for both trail and dualsport riding.
PERFORMANCE: With the kit fitted, the 450L’s performance is transformed, delivering cleaner response and stronger power everywhere, with none of the lean running of the stock bike. While there’s no question there’s more power, both the Best Trail and Traction/Enduro maps also deliver more tractable and rideable power than standard.

SELECTING MAPS: The Vortex ECU is under the seat and tucked in tight behind the Nomad Tanks 11-litre fuel cell on our bike. Changing maps is fiddly, requiring the rubber sleeve that holds the ECU to be removed, so fitting a Vortex map switch is the go.
FUEL ECONOMY: With the big change in performance comes a big change in fuel economy. Before fitting the kit, the 450L delivered better than 22km/l when trailriding, and 18-19km/l when hitting singletrack. Now it’s around 18km/l for trailriding and 15-16km/l.
GRAPHICS: We have KMX graphics on our 450L, so didn’t fit the supplied SK Designs graphics. They do look tame, which is not like SK.
PRICE: $2600 is a lot of coin.

Is the LX Enduro Kit worth it? Yes. Once you try it, you will never go back. It’s a big ask, even for the red brigade, and especially when you’ve splashed out $12,990 on the bike. Honda has been offering the LX Enduro Kit as a retail bonus when you pay full price for the 450L, so getting in on that deal might help soothe the pain! Clubby

Get It Here
BILL: $2600
BLOWER: 1300 146 632