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Husqvarna FC350: Long Term Update #4 | Back End | Bike Reviews | Features

The Husqvarna FC350 is looking really trick now that it's got a full sticker kit from Kustom MX.

These graphics are easy to fit and super durable, which is why I have stuck with the Sydney company and have continued to use it.

The glue on the graphics is super sticky. When they are put in place, the stickers become very hard to remove and, because they are laminated, they stand up to abrasion from your boots and kneebraces.

If there are any scuff marks from my ‘braces I use a scouring pad and some soapy water to scrub them off, leaving the graphics looking fine.

Also new is a set of Bridgestone Battlecross hoops. I have fitted an X20 80/100×21 to the front and a X30 110/90×19 to the rear. The X30 is a harder compound and is much more durable while still having great grip and the X20 on the front, being slightly softer, gives perfect front-end grip.

My confidence in these tyres is very high and, after several races, I can say they are wearing very well, with the front showing no signs of wear at all and the rear only a few scuff marks. These tyres are mated with a set of Bridgestone heavy-duty tubes so I know I can run lower pressures like 12-13 psi without worrying about getting flats.

I now have a few races under my belt on the FC350 and, while I love how light and nimble the bike is, and I am pleased with how it is handling I am quickly starting to notice the advantage that anyone on a 450 has over me. The 350 feels fast, there is no doubt about that, but I am noticing the torque difference when it comes to drag racing a 450 off the start line or up a hill, especially when the rider on the 450 is 60kg.

This wouldn’t be an issue for clubmen but when it comes to racing the Pro class where everyone is using all the power they have, a rider of my size is at a slight disadvantage. This isn’t something I would expect a lightweight rider to notice but when you weigh 95kg you can definitely tell when you are lacking torque.

My laps times are no different to any other bike I have ridden and riding the bike feels great but getting around the first corner mid-pack and having to spend the whole race overtaking gets a little frustrating. The Husky motor feels strong and I know there is more power there to unleash so hopefully for next month I can get it sorted and start at the front of the pack from now on.

Technical Editor Mat Boyd